The Oppo F19 smartphone is the perfect companion for those looking for features and functions that surpass Apple and Android phones. Unlike other midrange smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others, the Oppo F19 offers an elegant design and topnotch performance. It comes loaded with advanced features like multiple notification support, built-in radio receivers, proximity sensor, front and auto focus camera, speech recognition capability, and Bluetooth 4.2. Users can also experience amazing battery life and long wireless connectivity. With a memory card and microSD slot, the Oppo F19 can be used on different occasions like messaging, Web browsing, entertainment, and playing games. Users can even download the Android app for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The Oppo F19 sports a sleek body and a big screen. It looks like a combination of Apple iPhone 6 and HTC Desire HD. The Oppo F19 has a dual camera module that is unlike any smartphone before it. The front and rear cameras have similar size and features as iPhone and HTC Desire HD, but they are placed on the opposite sides. This allows for a dual camera experience, as the user can take pictures with one camera or use the rear camera to shoot photos.

One of the best features of the Oppo F19, which makes it popular among netizens, is its ability to flash charge. It can be used anywhere at any time, thanks to the built-in infrared flash charge technology. To make this possible, the smartphone has a built-in accelerometer which detects the motion of the hand, whether it is horizontal or vertical, and records the data. With the help of this data, the smartphone’s battery level can be accurately measured. This feature of the Oppo F19 further increases its appeal among people who are always on the go.

With a high-resolution 16 megapixel camera Oppo F19  , the Oppo F19 makes it a perfect tool for taking quality photos. The flash charge mechanism of the smartphone allows for fast charging, even when you are using the camera for a very long time. You can expect this from any leading smartphone brand, but not all smartphones can offer you such convenience. Furthermore, the Oppo F19 features a dual LED flash, a first in the smartphone industry. With this LED system, pictures get better brightness and increased color rendering than other smartphone brands.

If you want to enjoy a good photography experience, the Oppo F19 offers amazing photo quality. The lens of the smartphone features an aperture priority mode, which lets you take better images with lower noise. The camera also features a manual mode, which lets you adjust exposure and focus without changing the picture settings. In this mode, the camera will perform the necessary operations automatically, taking care of everything for you. To get the perfect shot, you need to use the focal point tool and manual focus while shooting the pictures.

For those who want something unique from their smartphone camera set up, the Oppo F19 has a unique photo software that makes it worth buying. The suite includes the Oppo Camera HD and a stage edit software. The stage edit enables you to retouch photos of high resolution and edit them according to your taste. The HD is recommended for all users, since it provides high-quality images.